if you’re going to call me a bitch i need at least 5 reasons and examples with each one written in paragraph form with your name and date in the top right hand corner due monday 

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Had a bad night and ended up cutting myself. My boyfriend said he thought I was done with it, since I started taking my meds. News flash, antidepressants aren’t magical pills that fix everything.

I noticed you mentioned taking celexa, my doctor asked me if I wanted to try it. But I'm concerned about the side effects, mainly sexual side effects. Have you had trouble with any sexual side effects since taking celexa? Thanks for taking the time to read this. :-)

Any SSRI has a risk of sexual side effects, and im guessing thats probably along the lines of anything youd be put on. To be honest, ive never been a very sexual person, but I have noticed some of those side effects. Sorry for the TMI, but its harder to reach an orgasm, which is one of the common side effects. I was super concerned about it before i started taking it, but to be honest the good definitely outweighs the bad, at least for me :) Its not like sex all of a sudden repulses you or anything really dramatic. Long story short, don’t worry too much about the sexual side effects :) every person is different and you might not even experience that one. Best of luck to you!

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Stay strong beautiful

The support from people I don’t even know is amazing. Thank you guys. For real



I hate the nights when i dont sleep.
Not because my minds racing but because i feel nothing.
No regret for cutting.
No sadness for losing someone.
I feel secluded from the world.
Like im already dead.
Then i think about it…
And thats when it starts.
All the ways i can do it.
The happiness i would finally have.
Wanting to just end it…

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Distract me please.

Invade my privacy. Ask questions, personal help, about me, anything.

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